An Arizona Reader Notes A Car Crash Fraud Ring Whose Names "Read Like A Oaxaca Phone Book"
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From: A 'Crazy' In AZ [Email him]

Ann Coulter tweeted a link to this story [ 'Car Crash Ring' In Santa Clara County: 33 Indicted For Felony Fraud | The suspects allegedly crashed older-model cars on purpose and collected roughly $500,000 across 28 insurance claims, By Susan C. Schena,, July 17, 2015] about a ring of intentional car crashers (dubbed "Coffee Break" by LEO) in Northern California who managed to rake in more than $500,000 via 28 fraudulent insurance claims (that they know of).

The names of the suspected players read like an Oaxaca telephone directory: Ramon Lujano Arreguin, 63; Oscar Escobar, 37; Oscar Diaz Landa, 45; Vicente Dominguez Ojeda, 32; Jose Santos Salazar, 52; Jorge Salazar, 53; Irma Rodriguez, 34; Maria Barragan Corral, 34, of Gilroy; Santos Escobar Alvardo, 35, of Redwood City; and Rodolfo Guillen Alvizar, 31, who has no known city of residence.The other suspects in custody were identified as San Jose residents Eduardo Ayon, 37; Beatriz Chavez, 34; Rene Partida Delgadillo, 45; and Sergio Diaz Landa, 46.

One of the victimized insurance companies turned out to be Progressive Casualty. Yes, the same company who was formerly run by left-wing megadonor Peter Lewis himself.

I immediately remembered a commercial of theirs from last year that always brought a twitch of anger and resentment to me. Behold, the innocent Hispanic father and his boy driving the luxury car while those evil Caucasian "rate-suckers" attach themselves to the windshield.


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