An Illinois Reader Learns About “Invasive Species”—A Good Lesson For Kids
December 15, 2016, 06:53 PM
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From: Illinois Paleoconservative [Email him]

When my youngest wakes in the morning she has breakfast and then some TV time. I usually sit with her and don't pay much attention to the TV,  until today when her show was about "Invasive Species". It fit right in with all my feelings and's message. I found myself intrigued.

It's a show from the BBC and on Disney Jr. called The Octonauts,  a cartoon generally about eight animals saving other creatures. On today's show, The Octonauts And The Great Swamp Search, they were called to the Everglades in Florida due to brush fires.

When they arrived, they were informed they weren't just there to help with the fires but to remove the "Invasive Species" of the area since they wouldn't know how to survive there. The character in charge explains that "Invasive Species" aren't from that area and don't belong there! They cause problems for local species and the invaders themselves.

The Octonauts  search and find three different "Invasive species", all busy causing trouble in the area that they shouldn't be in! The invaders are portrayed as villains. All of the invaders fight not to be caught. Once they are caught they are relieved to find out they are being deported to where they belong.

Of the "Invasive species", a fish is deported to South America, three lizards deported to Africa, and a Burmese python deported to Asia. The show has this as the happy ending now that everyone is back where they belong— a great life lesson in a cartoon!

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