A Reader Wonders What Happens When Muslims Form A Government In Nuclear-Armed France
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From: An Extremely Worried Reader [Send Him Mail]

What happens when in the next generation or two the current 6 million Muslims become 50 million Muslims in France?  I fear the scenario that has these jihadists in charge of the France’s nuclear arsenal—an estimated 300 atomic bombs.

Under no circumstances should any nation allow Muslims near their nuclear weapons or nuclear power plants.  Every nation should put aside political correctness and face this very real possibility.

James Fulford writes: That would run smack up against the "Civil Rights" Laws, of which I've written that "Civil Rights Law Doesn't Care If You Die."

This principle applies to taxi drivers afraid of being killed by black passengers, and jewelry store owners afraid of being killed by black customers. It applies to soldiers afraid of being killed by Muslim fellow soldiers, and it applies to pilots afraid of being killed by Muslim passengers. Those last two cases suggest that it applies  to people being killed in very large numbers.

Therefore, it must apply to the Strategic Air Command and nuclear power plants as much as it does to Fort Hood and the TSA. Sorry!

I direct your attention to the online publication Nuclear War Survival Skills--just in case.

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