Fort Hood—"You`ll Always Have Spent Longer Telling Them To Jump" At The Accusation Of Racism
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March 12, 2011, 05:46 PM
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From Iowahawk on Twitter

In the sixties thriller Shooting Script writer Gavin Lyall has the hero and his friend (an ex-RAF mercenary jet pilot) get on to a secure Central American air base by shouting at the guards. Lyall wrote

"There isn`t a military organization in the world where a loud enough shout from a high enough rank can`t bypass the most elaborate security arrangements. You can spend as long as you like telling sentries to demand passes, authorizations, identifications - but you`ll always have spent longer telling them to jump when a colonel says jump."

This is true, and it`s also why you should consider not hiring foreign mercenaries. But in this case it`s worse.  Even before these officers went in the Armed Forces, the whole society was telling them to jump when a member of a minority group cried "Racism!"