An Alaskan Reader Reports Immigration Anarcho-Tyranny—Legal Australian Girl Reporter Kicked Out
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From: Ryan Kennedy (e-mail him)

Here's a bit of codswallop from my neck of the woods. A young Australian sheila named Catie Quinn, working as a reporter in Kenai, Alaska was recently denied renewal of her E-3 visa.

Visa denied, Kenai reporter ordered to leave the country, Jerzy Shedlock,, January 12, 2015

This is illustrative of the phenomenon  readers are all too familiar with. Immigrants who jump through the appropriate hoops are dealt with arbitrary brusqueness while illegals are blithely ignored and even given explicit official assurances that the nation's laws will not be enforced against them.

This case is really striking because it exemplifies the dysfunction of our immigration system and law. Here we have exactly the kind of immigrant the US should want; an educated, diligent young lady who's easy on the eyes and speaks English as her native tongue and ICE tells her to get lost.

Meanwhile we have in effect day-care centers to bring in scads of illegal kids who are ill-educated (if at all), don't speak English and show every sign of descending into America's underclass for generations.

It's enough to make a bloke chuck a wobbly.

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