A Reader Wonders If There’s Any Hope: We Insist There Is
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From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

I just found this: "Do Immigrants 'Drain' Society?" at Time.com.[February 12, 2013]

Opening paragraph:

Two of the most common canards about immigrant families are that they don’t really want to become American and that they’re a drag on the rest of us. But a fascinating new Pew report gives lie to both fears. In the process, it reminds us why immigration matters.

This sort of article must reach many thousands more people than VDARE.com does.

Today's young people can only see massive immigration as normal—they are immersed in "diversity" as if it's the natural course of history—and it just doesn't occur to them to think otherwise.

I've tried to interest my friends and neighbors in the issue of immigration, and I know from personal experience that most Americans really don't care. Even with 8% unemployment, most Americans won't vote for a wrong-headed, mean-spirited, racist, old fuddy-duddy who wants to restrict immigration. All I hear is "Let them come, they work harder than many Americans, we're a nation of immigrants, and so what?"

Seriously, with all the major media and opinion leaders favoring more immigration and amnesty for illegals, is there really any hope?

James Fulford writes: First of all, there’s always hope. People who think that there’s no hope need to remember the Cold War, when there was also no hope, and people kept wanting to surrender to the Russians to avoid “nuclear winter.” Second, of course Time is wrong aobut what the Pew Center said. Jesse Mossman read the same poll [Second-Generation Americans |A Portrait of the Adult Children of Immigrants] and says  that it shows “Hispanics want big government and the accompanying handouts—redistribution of wealth from higher income Americans.” Maybe Time thinks that’s not a drain on America, but it is.

In spite of the Left's dominance of the media, voters are capable of figuring this out.

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