Take Some Stupidity Out Of The Stupid Party
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The other day Drudge linked to a piece about an app which allowed communication with plants. My first thought was that if it worked with plants maybe there was hope for communicating with Republicans—aren't some of them almost as intelligent as house plants? But maybe not, after decades of failure with the Hispanic vote, Republican leadership is still trying for an amnesty—by whatever name they choose to call it.

Now the Associated Press reports that the executive vice president of the Pew Research Center said:

"What's striking over the past several decades is that the two groups at the heart of the modern immigration wave—Hispanics and Asian-Americans—have both been trending Democratic over  time..."(Immigrants' Children More Democratic Than Parents, February 07, 2013 )

But of course, this is only true because immigrants are angry about Republican efforts to enforce the law—once another amnesty puts that behind us, their conservative Republican nature will come out—right?

Think again. The just-released Pew study says:

"About eight-in-ten (83%) first-generation Hispanics say they would rather have a bigger government with more services than a smaller government with fewer services. While still a clear majority, the share opting for an activist government is lower (71%) among second-generation Hispanics. Compared with the general public, both first- and second-generation Hispanics prefer a more activist government."

Second-Generation Americans |A Portrait of the Adult Children of Immigrants

Okay, so Hispanics want big government and the accompanying handouts—redistribution of wealth from higher income Americans.

But aren't they social conservatives—maybe Republicans can get them there?

Not likely, the same study found that 68% of second generation Hispanics say society should accept homosexuality (78% of Asians) and 55% of second generation Hispanics say abortion should be legal (66% of Asians). Among second generation Hispanic women who recently gave birth, 52% were not married.

Doesn't sound very Republican and indeed the study finds:

"Second-generation Hispanics even more strongly identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party (71%) than the Republican Party (19%)."

So how stupid are Republicans? Forest Gump said: "Stupid is as stupid does"—we'll wait and see if they pass an amnesty that will displace them.

If you decide to tell Republicans about this study—especially leaders like Boehner, Cantor, Rubio, and Paul Ryan—make sure you  first get a hold of a plant communication app.

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