A Military Reader Says That What Rich Horse Breeders Want Is Slave Labor
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Re: A Rural New Jersey Reader Say That Only Wealthy Horse Owners Want Illegal Labor

From: "Spirit of the Fighting 69th" (e-mail him)

TFarm hand, Maynor Rene Augustin Fernandez, and his employer, Patricia Peckham, co-owner of Arcadia Farm in Yorktown at the farm stables on Feb. 27, 2013. Augustin Fernandez is in the final stages of getting his green card. Because of his multiple skill sets, he is a vital worker in helping running a farm. he horse owners I knew outside the immediate DC area were not wealthy (I exclude the John Warner fox hunting  set). When I was riding, I cleaned the horse, etc. myself,  and my riding clothes were bits and pieces from my old uniform kit.

What these other people want is slave labor. I'm surprised they don't charge for the privilege of cleaning their stalls.

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