A Chicago Reader Says He Can't Find Anyone In His Neighborhood Who ISN'T Concerned With Immigration
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Re: A Reader Wonders If There’s Any Hope: We Insist There Is

From: A Chicago Reader [Email him]

The reader who wrote last night's letter complained that his "friends and neighbors" had no interest in the issue of immigration.

In my Chicago neighborhood, I can't find anyone who isn't concerned with immigration!

But many people are reluctant to discuss immigration, even with friends and relatives, for fear of being thought bigoted and racist.

Just keep going!

Cheers. (And check this out: Majority of U.S. citizens say illegal immigrants should be deported, By Rachelle Younglai | Reuters, February 20, 2013)

James Fulford writes; In 2003, Herbert London of the Hudson Institute drove around the outskirts of Chicago looking for the airport. Stopping to ask for directions, he couldn't find anyone who spoke enough English to tell him.

"After traveling in the wrong direction for about five miles I decided to ask for help at a gas station. As soon as I started to speak, I realized the attendant did not speak English. I went on to another gas station where I encountered the same problem, then another and another. After seven stops, I finally relented. In pidgin Spanish, I pleaded for assistance…. All through this experience I kept asking myself in what nation was I traveling. I am persuaded I was actually in Little Mexico, a colony of Big Mexico."[Looking for America in Chicago, Townhall.com October 14, 2003]

Some people who aren't concerned about immigration just haven't experienced it yet.

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