A Reader Wonders If Sheldon Adelson Has Bought NATIONAL REVIEW Along With The GOP
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From: An Anonymous Reader[Email him]

I do not anticipate much of interest from the articles on NRO, and they fully live up to my meager expectations of them when I lurk there.  However, even given my prejudices, I was shocked when I read what must have been the worst pro-immigration article in my life. 

It was titled “The Immigrant Song”, shamelessly taken from the great Led Zeppelin song about Viking exploration. It was penned by Lee Habeeb, associated with the Salem Radio Network which appears to be neoconservative in orientation judging by its roster of on-air personalities, and Michael Leven who is the COO and president of the Las Vegas Sands

If that establishment seems familiar, it is because the chairman and CEO of Sands is Sheldon Adelson, a major contributor to the 2012 Romney presidential campaign and a proponent of citizenship for illegal aliens.

“The Immigrant Song” reads someone emptied a recycle bin of mediocre pro-immigration writings into a shredder and randomly assembled them into an article.

Not surprisingly, most of the NRO reader’s comments were ferociously negative: “ignorance and idiocy”, “treasonous”, “sentimental twaddle”, “What is the real agenda here?” and "When the necons took over and John O'Sullivan was replaced by Rich Lowry. It's been a near worthless rag since then", etc. etc.

The greater question is why is this casino executive Michael Leven even authoring articles about immigration for NRO?  He does not appear to be a subject matter expert on the topic, which should be a prerequisite for submission of such an article.  Perhaps there are some other reasons.

It should be noted that NRO is busy raising money for a $150K legal defense fund, any connection, who knows?

Is Sheldon Adelson buying his way into National Review as he did with Romney and the GOP?

James Fulford writes: Mike Leven’s claim to expertise on immigration issues is as an employer of labor who doesn’t want to pay prevailing American wages.  A specific problem for Las Vegas employers is the Clark County, NV requirement that casino employees have a “Work Card” issued after a police check (designed to prevent the casinos from being staffed by ex-convicts named Vinny from New Jersey) which also makes it hard to hire illegal immigrants.

This is the same thing Patrick Cleburne wrote about in Help! Helen Krieble's Horse Farm Workers Want To Be Paid Too Much! Krieble is also a big money person, and her plans found their way into Newt Gingrich’s talking points, but Gingrich didn’t go anywhere.

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