A Chicago Reader Wonders Why CNN Is Celebrating The Diversity Of Congress?
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From: John Tyler [Email him]

CNN just published Meet the 113th Congress: More diverse than ever, by Jim Acosta, January 3, 2013.

The article states that there are African American, Hispanic, Hindu, Buddhist, female, bisexual, gay, and lesbian members in Congress, but what it fails to mention is how this diversity will cause chaos in the government, with each “Minority Member” trying to outdo the others in furthing the interests of their particulary minority.

You can read many articles on VDARE.com and in many other places on the internet and see that diversity does not work at all. The most diverse societies cannot live together as a society, due to their differences.

If this CNN article is celebrating the diversity that now makes up the 113th congress, then why doesn’t it mention the potential downside—since it claims to be a non biased news agency?

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