WSJ Staffer Writes Pro-Immigration Book! Stop The Presses!
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All right, maybe it's not that unusual for a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board to write a book calling for open borders. The book is Let Them In: The Case for Open Borders , by Jason L. Riley. But Robert Z Nemeth of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, thinks it is:

Jason L. Riley, [send him mail] a member of The Wall Street Journal's editorial board, is a rare specimen. He is a conservative African-American who rejects affirmative action and champions a cause that is an anathema to most fellow conservatives: wide-open borders and virtually unrestricted immigration. I had an opportunity to read a proof of his upcoming book ("'Let Them In: The Case for Open Borders"() and to interview him before he spoke to the Worcester Economic Club last week.[The Case for Open Borders, April 6, 2008]

Nemeth, who has probably never given the downside of immigration a moment's thought, says Riley

stresses that today's influx of Latino newcomers, legal and undocumented, is similar to the waves of Irish, Italian and Eastern European immigrants.

Except of course for the significant fact that they're not Irish, Italian or Eastern European—they're mostly Mexicans, loyal citizens of the Estados Unidos De Mexico, a more-or-less failed state directly south of the US border. Jason Riley specializes in smearing what he calls "nativists," in articles with titles like GOP Nativists Tarnish Reagan's 'Shining City', and Nix on Nativism | Ignore the anti-immigrant right. Bush did. The subtitle of his book is "Six Myths About Immigration, and Why They Are Wrong." I expect, as with the National Council Of La Raza propaganda website, that his myths will be facts, and his facts will be myths. They always have been before. Check out the blurbs:

"'The immigration debate seems to have been taken over by shrill anti-immigrant voices. Ace editorialist Jason Riley restores some balance with this calm, reasoned, highly compelling presentation of the case for immigration. His fact- laden polemic should make even the most die-hard xenophobe think twice. He shows why immigrants are a net plus, and why illegal immigration isn't the crisis it has been made out to be."
Max Boot, senior fellow, Council on Foreign Relations, author of War Made New and Savage Wars of Peace

That gives me a lot of confidence—and this one is good too:

"'Jason Riley makes a very comprehensive argument for an Open Borders policy. People on all sides of this would do well to understand where he is coming from."
”Lawrence Lindsey, former chief economic adviser to President George W. Bush

Understand where he coming from? Oh, we do, we do.

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