A Reader Wonders If Deval Patrick's Senatorial Appointment Has A Profit Motive—We Think It's Pure Racial Loyalism
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Re: Deval Patrick Picks Next Massachusetts Senator

From: MrStentorianCommentator  [Email him]

I figure the appointment of Patrick’s former chief of staff “ Mo” Cowan to fill John Kerry’s seat in the US Senate  is the set up for a future quid pro quo of some sort.  Even being an interim U.S. Senator for a few months brings with it various privileges, such as lifetime access to the Senate floor and gym facilities (good for a lobbyist).

If Cowan makes the most of those privileges, I imagine that whatever firm he lands with following his stint will later find it in their heart to hire Deval.

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James Fulford writes: I believe the reader is overthinking here—I believe that Deval Patrick would have appointed any African-American at all to the Senate seat. There are now two black Senators for the first time since Reconstruction, and in a sort of callback to Reconstruction Era politics, neither of them was elected. (The other is Republican Tim Scott, who was appointed by Nikki Haley.)

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