A Mississippi Reader Says “No Amnesty! No Surrender!”
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From: An Anonymous Patriot In Mississippi [Email him]

The conservative grass roots must rise up to stop Marco Rubio’s nation-killing amnesty proposal. Every patriotic American must do whatever is in his power to be heard. No form of amnesty is acceptable. No guest worker program. No legal residency. And certainly no path to citizenship.

We must fight. Personally, I have pledged to call the office of at least one member of Congress every day until this proposal is dead and buried.

I will call the three Congressmen that represent me repeatedly and demand that they not only vote against this monstrosity, but that they get out front in opposition. I will call all Congressmen that I have ever given money to (I’m looking at you, Rand Paul) and tell them that the bank will forever be closed unless this proposal is defeated. I will eventually call every Republican member of Congress to let them know in no uncertain terms that if an amnesty bill passes the GOP controlled House of Representatives I will NEVER cast another vote for a candidate with an “R” beside his name and I will raise my children to do the same. And I mean it.

I challenge every VDARE.com reader to do at least one thing every day to make sure that Congress hears the voice of the people.

We can win this fight. There are still more of us than there are of them.

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