A Reader Wonders If American Support For Netanyahu Is Based On His Handling Of Israel's "Fergusons"
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Re: James Kirkpatrick’s article Republican Congress Rallies Around Patriot Leader. Too Bad He’s Not American.

From: An Anonymous Immigration Patriot [Email him]

American whites, who are currently very poorly represented by the Republican Party should be very circumspect in supporting or cheering Benjamin Netanyahu for the following reasons.

  1. Israel is a different nation from the United States with different interests. As of late it has very successfully pursued its interests by manipulating the United States into supporting it in various ways. To throw support for Netanyahu is for the American People to ignore George Washington's sage warning in his Farewell Address.
  2. Americans should think very hard on their real motivations for supporting Netanyahu. I deeply suspect that American support for Israel, especially by Baby Boomers and Evangelical Protestants is a misplaced sense of rage for the Civil Rights disaster of the 1960. Israel handles its useless Third World population by building walls around Palestinian ghettos/crimevilles, enacting strict passbook policies, etc. To ask the Israelis to do busing, and give welfare subsidies and free school breakfasts to Palestinians is a non-starter. I suspect that deep down many Americans would like to build a wall around Ferguson, Missouri (and other like places) cut off the school lunch programs, affirmative action programs, EBT Cards, etc, and tell Attorney General Holder to return back to the “non-racist” paradise of Barbados where he can live free of the whites who he feels so oppress him and his people.
If Americans are deep down supporting Israel for the reasons laid out in point two above than it is more essential to determine the honest roots that caused the bizarre spectacle at the Lower House on Tuesday.

To continue on with a sense of misplaced anger is to ignore the fact that the treaty with Iran may very well be good for Americans. To continue nurturing the misplaced anger is also to continue the domestic agony of America's whites under Black Run America.

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