A Reader Wants To Know Why TurboTax Thinks White People Are Stupid
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From: A Taxpaying American [Email her]

turboAm I the only one who has noticed the hateful and unfunny nature of Wieden + Kennedy's latest TurboTax campaign? Physicists S. James Gates Jr. (black – the very first featured in the ad campaign), Michio Kaku (Japanese), Franklin Chang Diaz (Costa Rican, Spanish language ad, dumb taxpayer looks European-American), Maria Chudnovsky (Israeli), and George Smoot (white) are among the “smarties” who appear in a series of 30-second spots tagged, "It doesn't take a genius to do your taxes." [TurboTax Super Bowl 50 Ad Campaign Proves It Doesn’t Take A Genius To Do Your Taxes, MarketingLand, January 4, 2015]

The majority of the “dumb” taxpayers (at least they got the statistics on taxpayers right) save one (who is black), are white. Of course,  it is not a coincidence. Boycott TurboTax!

Isn’t it time that Americans stopped patronizing businesses that tell their base, core customers they think we’re idiots? Luckily I use a very nice WASP-y CPA for my taxes.

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