A Reader Congratulates VDARE.com For Placing The Blame In Flint—But Doesn't Feel Sorry For Open Borders Governor Snyder
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Re: James Fulford's blog post Minority Occupation Government:Flint Water Crisis Not Caused By “Racism,” But By Incompetent Black Flint Emergency Manager Darnell Earley

From: A Reader In Macomb, Michigan [Email him]

Thank you for posting about the Flint water crisis. Those of us who live in southeast Michigan have only heard that Gov. Snyder is at fault and no blame is being placed on the black leaders of Flint who made bad decisions about the water source and didn't follow through on water testing.

Note that Gov. Snyder is a Jack Kemp type of Republican and he has said that he wants to "staple a green card to every college diploma" in Michigan and that "immigrants can rebuild Detroit", so I don't feel too sorry for him. He's also in his second and final term as governor, so he's a lame duck.

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