A Reader Has Another View Of Illegal Alien Marches
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Re: A Reader Watches The Illegal Parade In Seattle

From: [Name Withheld]:

I appreciate the view from the parade in Seattle. But I am worried that the message drawn from the low turnout, and low turnouts at similar events across the country is completely, 180 degrees, incorrect.

In fact, the low turnout means that there is very little concern among the illegal alien community. The huge turnout last year was driven by the loud noises coming from Washington that something was going to be done. In the ensuing year the alien community has learned that noise from Washington doesn't mean anything—and that, in fact, they don't even have to carry their own water. Their exploitive gringo allies and dewy-eyed apologists will do it for them.

While there have been a few window dressing examples of enforcement,, the fact of the matter is that not one in ten thousand current illegals is in any jeopardy of being sent home,  none of their employers have been prosecuted, and hundreds of thousands more flowed in over the southern border this past year. In other words, situation normal.

While the economic tide continues to rise for the nation's power elite, the boat of the working poor and middle class floats lower and lower in the water as it fills ever closer to the sinking point.

The time for outrage is now more than ever.

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