A Reader Suggests A New Term For Our Opponents—"Immigration Cultists"
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04/11/11 - A Reader Says America Is Replacing Its First World Population With A Third World One.

From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

Re: Peter Brimelow's blog item A Telling Barone Blunder On GOP's Hispanic Share

I'm writing to propose using one of the left's tactics against them. Specifically, the left is very adept, with a compliant MSM, at labelling anyone and any cause left of center in an attempt to ridicule them. Right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook, I imagine.

Some current and unfortunately effective examples are:

OK, to the point with immigration, the opposition uses the following terms liberally against us:

So to properly designate the pro-immigration types with a "sticky" label I propose the term:

"Immigration cultists"

I Googled the term and found no real hits. Based on the thought processes and writings of Tamar Jacoby, Michael Barone, Ben Wattenberg, GW Bush, and of course the WSJ I can think of no more accurate label to call them. Similar to other types of cultists, they are obsessive, and ignore facts and associated analysis to advocate mass, virtually uncontrolled immigration.

As you know Pat Buchanan reads VDARE.com and so do a number of people who will not publically acknowledge it. My hope is that if VDARE.com starts using this term it might get picked up by other conservatives and the public at large that are none too happy about the current immigration situation in the Western nations.

We need a term to label, ridicule, shame, and embarrass our opponents, as they have no hesitation in doing the same to us. The difference is our term is accurate.

Peter Brimelow writes: We've been using "immigration enthusiast", a term derived from theology. But let a thousand smears bloom!

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