A Reader, Possibly Descended From Julius Caesar, Points out That "Latinos"...Aren't
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Re: Paez Without Honor— Hispanic Activist Judge Leads Attack On Arizona Law

From: An Italian American Reader[Email him]

Excellent article. I hope that the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn this 9th Circuit Court Ruling. Judge Paez made clear that his decision was based mostly on the "fact", he says, that he is a "Latino" and you clearly bring up the point that Sonia Sotomayor made similar statements during her confirmation hearing. Both should have been disqualified from becoming Judges, as heritage or presumptive cultural background are not requirements for interpreting our laws.

The notable fact is that Paez and Sotomayor are NOT the product of a Latin culture or civilization. None of them can claim to be a Latino or Latina without knowing the really meaning of the term.

A Latino or Latino is an Italian. The Latin and Latin Culture derive from Italy and not, as erroneously believed, from Spain. In fact Spain was one of the Roman colonized territories and the Latin language was an imposed language by the Roman conquerors.

Being a Latin (o-a) also means having inherited the linguistic (Latin), the Roman Christian Faith, the culture and way of life of Roman Italy. Paez and Sotomayor barely meet the Roman-Colonialist Linguistic test.

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