A Reader Sees Hope For "Godless Capitalist"
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August 01, 2004

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A Reader Finds The Truth About Those Hispanic "Hate Crime" Victims

A reader writes:

"Godless Capitalist" is an intellectually incandescent and politically juvenile young Indian who sometimes diverges from making interesting scientific postings on the remarkable human bio-diversity blog Gene Expression to his second task: acting as Political Commissar to make sure America is kept safe for high-IQ recent non-white Immigrants. 

In this capacity he has posted a characteristically venomous discussion of Drew Fraser's recent VDARE piece.

"I've frequently mentioned VDare's tendency to group Chinese Ph.D. physicists and English-illiterate migrant workers in the same breath when discussing immigration. The only thing they have in common, of course, is that they're nonwhite."

"Despite their repeated invocation of economic and crime statistics, fellows like Sam Francis, Ed Rubinstein, Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, and Drew Fraser don't really make distinctions between nonwhite immigrants. For them, it's very simple: nonwhite = undesirable"

Encouragingly, GC's ethnic/class interest seems to be bringing him around on Immigration Reform

"The thing is, I actually agree that the numbers of high IQ immigrants need to be kept under control to promote assimilation and intermarriage and reduce separateness…I support an aracial skilled immigration policy because I think it's the best possible for the US. However, even a moratorium would be a vast improvement over our current merit-blind policy, and I would actively support it if it was the only viable option on the table."

Of course, moratorium is the only viable option. Anything else will be immediately debauched in the US political marketplace.

But GC's position—immigration should be skilled (obviously he is not an employer of domestic servants yet) and also limited (keep those conservative grandmothers away from my social life!) holds out hope. Perhaps the high-achieving upper IQ Asian immigrant communities will be amenable to some reason on mass immigration. As  Steven Steinlight has discovered, this has not been true of the Jews. Maybe Asians are different. Maybe not.

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