A Reader Says If A Criminal Is Smart Enough To Commit First Degree Murder, He's Smart Enough To Be Executed
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Re: James Fulford's If Retarded Immigrants Can Get Away With Murder, Maybe Try Encouraging Immigration From Less Retarded Countries

From: Betsy [Email her]

I completely agree with James Fulford's article today

Most of these allegedly retarded inmates aren't retarded at all, just dumb.

Lizcano's sense of self-preservation is illustrated by the fact that after murdering Officer Jackson he "ran out of bullets and tossed the gun to the ground, gave up, and was taken into custody."

A genuinely retarded person would not have done that, or the rest of Lizcano's career, illegally immigrating, illegally working, and illegally murdering...

If a defendant is smart enough to plan and carry out an intentional murder, he is smart enough to be put to death.

See earlier letters from the same reader.

James Fulford writes: We've written a few things on this issue, starting with Sam Francis's comment on the Supreme Court's ruling in Atkins v. Virginia, that inmates who test low on IQ tests can't be executed.

One point is that the Supremes, coming as they do from the higher strata of American society, don't personally know anyone with a 70 IQ who isn't impaired. Steve Sailer wrote in 2002, not referring to Amy Coney Barrett, who is known to have one special needs child, that

The stereotype that most low IQ children are what obstetricians often callously refer to in their notes as FLKs - "Funny Looking Kids" is not true. Elite members of American society tend not to realize this because when an extremely high-IQ person, such as a Supreme Court justice, has a retarded child, it's generally due to organic causes. 

As children, these "familial" low-IQ individuals fit in well on the playground, where they may be indistinguishable from their higher-IQ friends. They are normal, except that they run into problems when they need to do the higher-order, abstract thinking that a modern society rewards.

Familial low IQ has been quite common in the past, in other countries today, and in segments of American society.

In 2009, in response to a report that "inmate in California with a score of 84 was declared mentally retarded", Steve asked "How many people in California have IQs no higher than 84? Seven to twelve million?"

Letting low IQ people get away with murder is just a different kind of miscarriage of justice.

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