A Reader Says A CDC Cover-Up For Mexico Leaves American Tomatoes Rotting On Vines
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From: Charles Duncan Caldwell (e-mail him)

When reports of the Salmonella outbreak first appeared in the press a couple of months ago, I immediately concluded that the source must be produce imported from Mexico.

By American standards, Mexico is a filthy country.

Many streams, rivers and beaches in Mexico are contaminated with raw sewage. Crops irrigated with polluted water are the most likely source of Salmonella outbreaks.

Since American tomato plants would only be exposed to contaminated water in the event of a sewage treatment plant failure or flood runoff from animal pastures, the Center for Disease Control's unsubstantiated claim that tomatoes from Florida were as likely a source of Salmonella as tomatoes from Mexico appeared to be a blatantly false attempt to avoid hurt feelings in the land of Montezuma's Revenge at the expense of American farmers.

As a result, some American crops have been rotting on the vines – and but not because of a shortage of cheap Mestizo labor.

Only now, after forcing destruction of most of the Florida tomato crop, has the CDC finally admitted that the actual source of Salmonella probably is produce imported from Mexico, and probably not tomatoes at all.

For the first time, the press is reporting that victims of Salmonella became ill from eating Mexican food at Mexican restaurants, and not from lettuce and tomato salads or Whoppers.

The names of the Mexican restaurants are still secret, as the Bush Administration would rather bankrupt American farmers than risk the closure of alien-staffed restaurants where people get sick.

Since there are no routine tests of Mexican food imports for bacterial contamination, there still is no information as to which Mexican crops are contaminated.

CNN reports that the U.S. will begin testing Mexican imports "starting Monday", conveniently just after the Mexican visit by the McCain Amnesty Express.

From its report:

"The inquiry, which initially focused solely on tomatoes, has expanded to include cilantro, jalapeño peppers, Serrano peppers, scallions and bulb onions...."

Meanwhile, according to the Wall Street Journal, the FDA is still refusing to grant clearance to tomatoes that can be traced to a safe source, forcing growers to destroy their crops. [Jalapeños Probed in Outbreak,  by Jane Zhang and Amy Adamy, Wall Street Journal, July 5, 2008]

Obtaining clearance could be as difficult as getting your name removed from the No-Fly list, in the Kafkaesque world of the Bush Administration.

From the information about the Salmonella epidemic that has leaked out, it is clear that Americans should avoid Mexican produce and Mexican restaurants.

Since Mexican produce is also a source of exposure to toxic chemicals banned in the U.S., it's a good idea to avoid it at all times.

The only reason not to eat American tomatoes is that the mass-produced varieties are hard and tasteless.

Fortunately, heirloom tomatoes will soon be arriving at local farmers' markets.

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