A California Lawyer (Male) Agrees With Athena Kerry That American Women Are "Out of Control"
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From: Mark Mallarde: (e-mail him)

Re: Walter William Pierce's Letter: A California Reader Says American Women Are Out Of Control; Joe and Athena Reply

Simply put, Athena Kerry and letter writer Pierce are right and Guzzardi wrong in their analyses of American women.

They are as Kerry describes them—a train wreck.

In Southern California, the very real phenomenon of women gone wild is amplified. 

Ironically, the media's politically correct silence on women's true emotional state is similar to what spawned VDARE.COM to write about immigration.

Southern California women and, in my estimation, females in other large U.S. cities are absolutely and completely out of control. 

They cannot hold relationships because a new guy inevitably appears on the scene that is, in their limited view, more macho and intriguing. So they jump ship immediately because this is what their "feelings" tell them to do. 

Once the stigma of appearing "slutty,"  fickle or a divorcee lifted, women—mainly those in their late-20s and 30s—defaulted into manipulative, distrustful freaks.  Is this what happens when society sets the female gender loose with no constraints?

All this is complicated by the fact that at least two generations of men have been taught that women are virtuous and want to settle down and that men are stupid and unfaithful. 

Now we find that the opposite is true.

The result is that more men look for more foreign-born brides—the bane of Guzzardi's existence—with the conviction that nothing can be worse than marriage to an American woman.

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