A Reader Reports H-2B Visa Fraud Indictments In North Carolina
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Re: Steve Sailer’s blog post Cringely On How H-1B Visa Fraud Is Done

A North Carolina Reader [Email him]

In reading Steve Sailer’s story  on February 22  on VDARE.com, I had to reflect on another very recent visa fraud event involving the H-2B Visa (for Temporary Non-Agricultural Workers) in North Carolina.

This is a story with a slight twist, but still having all the horrible elements of fraud, deception and worker abuse, with the added unreported consequence of heightened criminal consequences.

Here is the story:

We are talking about Craig Stanford “Stan” Eury, Jr. of the little town of Vass, NC. On Friday, January 31 a federal grand jury in Greensboro, NC, handed down a 41-count indictment, running to 57 pages, for a variety of dodges in which he and his daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Farrell, allegedly illegally stockpiled mainly Mexican workers for assignment to U.S. employers of their choice, regardless of who they were legally committed to work for.

What the Justice Department has charged him with primarily is gaming the H-2B program, the federal arrangement for bringing in low-skilled non-agricultural workers to work in seasonal or otherwise temporary labor for less than a year. The idea behind it—that is to say the public rationale—is that foreign workers are brought in with special temporary visas for jobs that American citizens are not available to perform. Unlike its H-2A counterpart for agricultural workers, which has no cap, the H-2B program is capped at 66,000 per federal fiscal year.

 Has Obama Gone Bulworth on Alien Smuggling?  By DC Dave, B'Man's Revolt, February 154, 2014

The Feds report that a disproportionate number of those arrested for criminal activity in N.C. came into the U.S. under the program above. According to DC Dave

One member of that team told him that he had been surprised to learn that a substantial number of the crimes they were seeing committed in North Carolina were committed by people who had originally come into the country on H-2A visas.

And like so many other programs that really are treasonous, U.S. workers are effectively shut out. Keep up the great work!

James Fulford writes: Occasionally discussions of the immigration issue include the suggestion from elected officials and media that what the US needs is good “temporary worker program.” They simply don’t know that the US already has many temporary worker programs, with laws governing them, which employers don’t want to use because they don’t want to follow the law—illegal labor is cheaper.

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