A Virginia Reader Wonders Why Conservatism, Inc Types Are Decrying Nativism
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Re: Patrick Cleburne's blog post: Facebook's Zuckerberg To Bribe GOP Treason Lobby Servants

From: Andre [Email him]

Reading this article: Nativism Vs. Conservatism, By Shaun Kenney, Bearing Drift (Virginia's Conservative Voice) I can't help thinking that perhaps Zuckerberg has a new employee.

James Fulford writes: Author Shaun Kenney [email him] is an Irish Catholic who associates "nativism" with the villains of Gangs of New York. He included this picture:

The Anglo-Saxon Villains of GANGS OF NEW YORK

Not only are the villains (actually patriots) of the original nativist movement out of date by about 150 years (see Return of the Nativist?) but Scorsese's ahistorical movie is now over ten years old.

Mr. Kenney is, of course, not important enough for anyone to bribe. That being said, a Conservatism Inc. outfit that attacks immigration patriots as racists will get more donations from business than an  immigration patriot group that calls for the administration to enforce the law—including employer sanctions.

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