A Reader Reminds Us That The War On White Christmas Has Come For Santa's Black Dutch Helper
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Earlier: War On Christmas In Holland: Street Protests Against Cultural Marxism Over "Zwarte Piet"

From: Dale Gribble [Email him]

I highly recommend Jared Taylor’s video on American Renaissance: How Every Christmas Became White

Taylor says “However you celebrate, you will be steeped in European traditions, many of them older than Christianity itself. And that is why you can always have a white Christmas—even if there is no snow on the ground.”

A little known tradition about Santa Claus: In the Netherlands and other European countries Santa Claus’s main helper is a Moor called “zwarte piet” or “Black Peter”, usually played, when Holland was almost all white, by someone in blackface.

The reasons Santa Claus would have his head elf be a “black Dutchman” vary, but traditions say Black Pete advised Santa which children were naughty or nice that year

Blackfaced Petes still appear in rural areas, but less so in urban and, if then, usually because a white Pete got smeared with chimney soot, which they hope will be less offensive than blackface.

Even the United Nations got into the act condemning Black Pete in 2015: U.N. Urges the Netherlands to Stop Portrayals of ‘Black Pete’ Character, By Somini Sengupta, NYT, August 28, 2015.

And in 2020, of course, the Dutch were told a black elf is a latent cause of George Floyd’s death by drug overdose: George Floyd's Death And Years Of Dialogue Are Helping The Dutch Disown Black Pete, NPR, August 2, 2020.

James Fulford writes: In 2014 I wrote:

The traditional reason for the small Moorish helper is that the original St. Nicholas was a Bishop in Turkey, and might have had a Moorish helper, and it's fun to dress up in blackface. (See The Continuing Evolution of Zwarte Piet, from the St. Nicholas Center.)

The reason this wasn't considered "offensive" as recently as the 1960s is that there were no black people (or "Moorish" people) in Holland to be offended.

In 2014 there were street protests by Dutchmen against the anti-Zwart Piet killjoys, and it happened again this year, on December 4:

As I said in 2014:

Events like the murder of Theo van Gogh, and constant threats of death against Geert Wilders  show that things have changed as far as people being murderously offended is concerned, but the Dutch are at least fighting back.




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