A Reader Points Out That Black "Conservative" Ben Carson Favors Gun Control In Cities
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Re: James Fulford's article “I Lunged At Him, Plunging The Knife Into His Abdomen”—Black “Conservative” Ben Carson Identifies With Trayvon 

From: Jesse Mossman [Email him]

Yes, I too have been bothered by some of Carson's opinions—we don't need another President who sees black thugs as possible sons. And Ben Carson doesn't think you should have the right to own a semiautomatic firearm in a city.[Dr. Benjamin Carson On Gun Control: "It Depends On Where You Live", RCP, March 4, 2013] I say you are more apt to need a semiautomatic—especially one with a high capacity magazine—if you live in the city. Just ask the Korean merchants who used semiautomatic rifles to defend their businesses during the black Rodney King riot.

Republicans are so insecure about their own white race that they are always hungering for a minority ally—such as when many called for Colin Powell to run for President. Well in case anyone didn't realize Powell was no conservative, he more than proved it by supporting Obama.

I would not hesitate to vote for a strong conservative if he were a minority but no way will I vote for a candidate because he is a minority. For example, not long ago I heard on the radio, a surprisingly articulate and extremely intelligent conservative candidate for a local race and I voted for him. He was an immigrant from Iran, but his views aligned with mine. He was also a Christian—not a Muslim.

Right now, the Presidential candidate I like best is Ted Cruz—although a few of his positions bother me. Cruz seems to be a strong conservative and I do not regard him as a minority who needs to be pandered to. Cruz is clearly a white man who happens to have an Hispanic name.

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