A Reader Asks If We Aren’t Being Too Hard On Ben Carson
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Re: The Fulford File |“I Lunged At Him, Plunging The Knife Into His Abdomen”—Black “Conservative” Ben Carson Identifies With Trayvon 

From: Frank [Email him]

I think James Fulford is being too hard/ suspicious of Dr. Carson. I heard him speak a number of times. I am impressed with his character and record. Who hasn’t made some mistakes when they were young? I may be wrong, but I have high hopes for Carson. Give a listen, give the man a fair hearing. You may change your mind.

James Fulford writes: I freely admit that the attempted stabbing incident referred to was 45 years ago, which is why Carson freely admits it, and nothing like that has happened since. I’m more concerned, as I wrote, about his attitudes and general reliability. As far as reliability is concerned, see last night’s letter: A Virginia Reader Has Been Doing The Research On Dr. Ben Carson

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