A Reader Observes That There Was No "Zombie Apocalypse" In Rural Mississippi During Katrina
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Re: Paul Kersey’s article THE WALKING DEAD And Katrina: The “Zombie Apocalypse” Already Happened—And Can Happen Again

From: An Observant White American [Email him]

Very interesting article about the collapse of civilization during Katrina in New Orleans.

However, in one way, the story misses the point.

Although we saw a nearly complete breakdown of civilization in New Orleans, I remember the story being completely different in rural areas of Mississippi hit just as hard by Katrina.

In those areas I saw stories of communities banding together and helping each other in every way possible.

Take a guess at what was different between those places in rural Mississippi and New Orleans.

I think you know the answer.

James Fulford writes: We do indeed know the answer—see

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