Kathy Shaidle: "People Who Voted For McCain Don't Hold Up `HELP US` Signs During Floods"
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Vicksburg, Mississippi, is on the Yazoo River, and the Yazoo is overflowing. But country people in Mississippi are resourceful, and have access to earth-moving equipment, so many of them have built their own personal levees to save their homes.

See a lot more photographs here:Islands in the stream: The extraordinary homemade dams holding back the Mississippi as desperate residents try to save their homes, Daily Mail, May 19th 2011

An alternate headline to this entirely un-Katrina-like story would be,as Kathy Shaidle suggests  

"People who voted for McCain Don’t Hold Up  ‘HELP US’ signs during floods"

Just stating the obvious.

And as a few commenters “joke,” someone will find a law or two these farm owners have broken, and they’ll be charged.

You think I’m kidding.

I remember that one man   in California managed to save his home from wildfires by constructing a firebreak—his neighbors,   under orders to preserve the flammable brush near their homes because it was the habitat of the "kangaroo rat" lost their homes.

We've seen this phenomenon before. After an incident of Tennessee being "Flooded while white", I mentioned that P. J. O'Rourke, attending a 1989 housing march in Washington, was asked by his wife

“Will there be lots of people from South Carolina at the housing march?”I said, “Huh?” ”You know,” she said, “where Hurricane Hugo just destroyed everybody’s house.”

He explained that "there wouldn’t be any people from South Carolina in the march demanding houses from the government because the people from South Carolina were too busy building houses for themselves."

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