Stix: Tennesseeans "Had The Misfortune Of Not Only Being Flooded, But Being Flooded While White"
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Nicholas Stix on the Nashville Flood, and the non-coverage thereof:

Photographer and videographer Stacie Huckeba shot and edited this affecting video of her East Nashville neighbors who lost everything, and who had the misfortune of not only being flooded, but being Flooded While White.

Huckeba doesn’t belabor the obvious, but rather lists all of the transparently phony rationalizations given by racists for why Nashville didn’t rate the sort of 24/7, hysterical coverage given to the lesser disaster of Katrina in New Orleans, in 2005. [More]

You remember that after Katrina, Kanye West famously said that "George Bush doesn't care about black people."

Volunteer Staters are not saying the equivalent about Obama, which is good, because no one would listen.

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