A Reader Notes What You're Not Being Told About That "Feticide" Case
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An Anonymous Immigrant Lawyer [Email him]

I urge you to glance at this story and unpack all the lies of commission and commission therein. The story is a synecdoche for reporting on immigrant-related incidents in the U.S.

An Indiana woman is facing 20 years in prison for "feticide", By Christophe Haubursin on April 3, 2015

Firstly, the "Indiana woman" is an immigrant, specifically, an Indian of Gujarati heritage, named Purvi Patel. This is the lie of commission.

Secondly, the murdered fetus' sex is undisclosed. It was almost certainly a girl child. The "Indiana woman's" home country, India, has been forced to enact laws criminalizing sex-selective abortion as Indians have the nasty habit of murdering the girl-child in the womb with shocking impunity and predictably disastrous societal consequences

The most noticeable effect is an extremely lopsided male to female ratio in society increasing the frustration of an already frustrated male population leading to all sorts of perversions and undoubtedly responsible, to some measure, for the heinous violence against women that is endemic in that country.

The other example provided in this story is of a Chinese immigrant, another society that shares the same nasty habit and which is likely to explode under demographic pressure in the near to mid-term future as a nation full of sexually frustrated and unemployed males vents such frustration.

Sex-selective abortion is certainly a job Americans won't do. And there was never any need for this in the U.S. Yet, here is it, and within one of the so-called model minority communities, a community disproportionately represented in the learned professions.

This is the Brave New World that the older generation bequeaths to the young. The curses and lamentations of the young will haunt these wreckers in this world and the next.

James Fulford writes: The thing they're calling "feticide" seems to be that Purvi Patel placed the body of her child in a dumpster, and then went to the hospital to get help for herself. It sounds more like the case of the girl who gave birth in a toilet at a prom than an abortion rights case. But that's not our issue—our issue is that the MSM treats race as irrelevant, when in a case like this, it's very relevant.

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