A Reader Notes That There Are Worse Fates Than Anglo-Saxon Rule
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Re: Hate Mail From Ireland

From: Dave Shanken (email him)

Mr. Kenny's letter indicates that he has a good knowledge of the condition of the Irish during the many centuries of English domination. I invite Mr. Kenny to consider what the condition of the Irish would be under the domination of Africans, Muslims, Indians and/or Orientals. Mayhap this has already occurred to Mr. MacCool. [Who wrote An Irish Reader Reports On The Albanian Situation In Ireland And The UK]

James Fulford writes: This non-English colonization may already be starting. John Derbyshire wrote 2002 that

"Like other European countries, but more noticeably so because Ireland's prosperity has come so quickly and recently, the country has been sucking in immigrants from East Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. There have been pitched battles between the travelling 'Tinker' people, who have been a feature of the Irish landscape for centuries, and newly-arrived tribes of Romanian gypsies, who covet the Tinkers' traditional occupational niches (pocket-picking, car stealing, etc.) Ireland seems to be particularly attractive to Nigerians, including those very skilful con artists you may have heard about, to whose persuasions the newly-affluent Irish seem to be very susceptible. Not all Irish people are yet ready to be cemented into the Gorgeous Mosaic, though. There have been some ugly incidents, and the government is now issuing vigorous declarations of its determination to stamp out 'racism.' Dubliners, who are a gambling people, are opening books on the year and month when the city will have its first race riot."

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