An Upstate New York Reader Asks What Mexicans Have Done With The Land We Didn't Steal From Them
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03/04/11 - Hate Mail From Ireland

Re: An Angry Mexican-German Reader Attempts To Refight The Texas Revolution

From: Upstate New York Reader (Email him)

Of course, James Fulford is right on all his points in answering Erick Fuessner's letter. I wrote to some time ago of my conclusions, based upon the conflicts between the (mostly Anglo-Saxon) white settlers and pioneers in what this guy calls Alta Mexico and the indigenous nomadic tribes, especially the Comanche. Not only did these people have to deal with a treacherous, wily, and extremely brutal human enemy, they had to deal with the elements, land that was completely undeveloped, , and had no amenities. They had to create those amenities.

The Spaniards may have claimed, but never colonized, nor did the Mexicans EVER settle or colonize the area they now claim by "reconquista." We all know that the only reason they do so now is because there now exists wealth, civilization, and institutions, all hard-won by those brave, determined, fool-hardy folks who trekked into the wilderness almost two centuries ago.

Yes, the U.S. bought the land, but it was with more than gold, it was with blood, sweat, courage and a strong work ethic. By the way, what exactly have the Mexicans, with great natural wealth and the freedom to develop and use it, created and produced in their own country in the last two centuries? Thought so.

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