A Pennsylvania Reader Denounces The Diseducation Going On In Diverse Modern Schools
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03/06/11 - A Reader Notes That There Are Worse Fates Than Anglo-Saxon Rule

Re: James Fulford's article Hugh McInnish's Hate Facts, Disparate Impact, And The Law

From Dave Hook [Email him]

I enjoyed James Fulford's most excellent article on a number of very taboo subjects within the leftist fog that surrounds schools and the current plague of diseducation.

The discipline problem in schools even when they are predominantly white is a growing cancer within the system that seriously undermines the effectiveness of teachers. This is eroding the education of all students especially when teachers have to spend significant time dealing with chaos in class and administrations that don't support teachers and sweep problems under the rug for political reasons.

A close friend teaches in a rural high school and fights this on a daily basis. He has a psychotic student who brags about blowing his cat away with his shotgun (among other perversions). They are waiting for him to bring it to school. The same problem often stems from parents who are similarly irresponsible.

Last week a girl had to be rushed to the hospital (twice) for a crushing asthma attack. The principal called the parents and was told it was his problem, don't bother them with it! Add in the criminal propensity of black students and you get a classroom environment that is profoundly failing the better students. The white students in an integrated school are the biggest losers from minority-caused chaos in the school. This is a major cause of poor performance on the part of graduates.

People wring their hands at the poor performance of our schools in comparison with other nations, but will bray about the necessity of social engineering in the same breath. When Virginia schools were integrated in the 1960s when I was in high school, scholastic standards had to be lowered drastically to avoid massive black failures. You also saw average white C students become A achievers because of the lowered standards.

But the academic standards have further eroded since and test standards like SATs have been steadily relaxed to avoid the hard reality that kids graduating are illiterate and grossly unprepared for college, assuming they even go. And look at the drop-out rate in inner city schools like Pittsburg and Detroit. Much of the test data being studied is for the best students, not for the dropout bound ones.

No one seems to be proposing bringing the academic standards back up to where they were in 1970. The NEA goes ballistic when this is advanced, probably because many teachers are also woefully ignorant. School boards won't change the system to actually teach something useful besides diversity and condoms. Unions rebel instantly at any academic demands. And where there are tests, the teachers are teaching to the test, not a balanced curriculum.

And the final problem is today's students come from parents who are under-educated and part of what I call the valueless generation. School kids can't be taught morals and values at home as there are none to pass on from the parents. Scholastic problems have degenerated to a level of compounded failure, and this will not be fixed with more of the same useless solutions from bureaucrats who are themselves a major part of the problem.

Clearly we need to throw much more money down the rat hole—NOT!

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