A Reader In Texas Has Reservations About Paul Kersey's DJANGO/BIRTH OF A NATION Comparison
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Re: Paul Kersey's article DJANGO UNCHAINED—The Birth of a New Nation?

From: A Reader In Texas [Email him]

Paul Kersey writes

"the America that flocked to see Birth of a Nation ultimately went to the moon. The America that flocks to see Django Unchained has produced 2013 Detroit."

I don't think the logic of that comparison holds. You could just as easily say that the America that flocked to The Birth of a Nation also was guilty of lynching and hanging Negroes. So the lynchings and hangings were only the actions of a small number of people? So was the number of people involved in going to the moon. And so is the number of people who will ever see Django Unchained. 

Tarantino is sick—he treats violence as a joke. This shows no respect for true historical suffering. Some leftists, such as Spike Lee, do not let their politics override their common sense, and have spoken out about this.

James Fulford writes: Spike Lee has criticized Quentin Tarantino for “blaxploitation”, but this is a result of what Tim Walker, writing in the Independent, calls "one of the ugliest and longest-running feuds in Hollywood". [Quentin Tarantino accused of ‘Blaxploitation’ by Spike Lee... again, December 26 2012]. And Spike Lee doesn’t have any moral authority on racial matters—see previous VDARE.com posts mention his work.

It’s true that only a small minority of Americans worked for NASA, and an even smaller number set foot on the Moon, but if a nation-state is the political expression of a particular people, America’s moon landing project, under the Kennedy and Nixon administrations, was part of that.

Unfortunately, modern Detroit is also the political expression of a particular people—but not the same ones who went to the Moon.

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