A Conservative Reader Has More Reservations About Peggy Noonan’s Immigration Enthusiasm
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Re: James Fulford’s blog post Peggy Noonan's Pirate/Kamikaze Plan For GOP: Steal Obama's LEAST Popular Ideas, Starting With Amnesty

From: An Anonymous Veteran Conservative [Email him]

Thanks to James Fulford for his blog article on Peggy Noonan.

Noonan’s fact-free attitude on immigration—legal and illegal—is typical of many GOP pols, careerists and fund raisers, and was revealed to me by her writing in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness  circa 1995 [pp. 186-188]

That brief passage contains most of the major ingredients in the Conservative Inc. stew of Patriotic Immigration Policy betrayal:

  • No mention of the American workers displaced by immigration.
  • No mention of the shifting of costs from employer to the taxpayers.
  • Much nonsense about "can't criticize them because they work so hard"—ironically and tragically missing the point that the "hard work" is the result of the exploitation by GOP "supporters" in the business lobbies.
  • Finally, a pol...Bob Dole!...offering a benediction on the "delicacy" of the matter, and excuse to run away for it after mentioning that some of those complaining about the immigration flood were immigrants and Mexicans.

James Fulford writes: The writer offered to send photocopies, but I think we can do without them.  Here’s a glimpse from Google Books of the inside of Peggy’s book:

"They work so hard!"

That’s typical Noonan sentimentality.

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