A Southern Reader Says US Supreme Court Must Be Chosen On A Regional Basis
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From: Kit Brewer (e-mail him)

The recent Supreme Court decision striking down Arizona's voter ID law tells us one thing—it's time for a constitutional amendment to change the way those justices are selected. We currently have six justices from NY/NJ, two from California and one, Clarence Thomas, from Missouri.

No wonder the country's going to hell! I can't remember even one Supreme Court Justice from Tennessee—ever—in the whole history of the United States. Think how much different our history might be if we had two white men from the old Confederate states serving on the Supreme Court!

I would have 10 Supreme Court justices; one from each of 10 five-state regions. Each governor could nominate a potential justice in his five state region. The nominee would not have to come from his state. For example, Tennessee's governor might nominate a justice from Mississippi.

The combined legislatures of all five states in each region would then choose that region's Supreme Court justice. Not only would that guarantee a court more representative of entire country, it would ensure that justices were not confirmed by Senators with a raging cases of Potomac Fever. Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker from my state, Tennessee, come to mind.

That the traitorous Alexander was one of Sonya Sotomayor's biggest cheerleaders fills me with shame for my fellow Tennesseans who voted for him.

It never even occurred to Alexander to stand on his hind legs and call for a "wise redneck" from Knoxville to be Supreme Court justice instead of a “wise Latina" from the Bronx. Lord have mercy on my soul, I’d have settled for Fred Thompson.

But it's as if Reconstruction is still going on. You'll never see a white man from the South chosen for the Supreme Court unless an amendment like this passes.

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