A Reader Has A Correction: Another (Allegedly) Corrupt Politician Is Black
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An Anonymous But Observant  Reader [Email him]

Gordon Fox, African-American (Really!)On Michelle Malkin’s recent article A Whole Lotta Democratic Corruption Going On (By Mostly Minority Pols), the VDARE.com note says

Rather than tell you which of them are minorities, it would be faster to say which are white: Gordon Fox, of Rhode Island, and Keith Farnham of Illinois.

Actually, Gordon Fox is (slightly) black—his mother is Cape Verdean, and he is a member of the Rhode Island Black Lawyers Association. So he apparently qualifies under the one-drop rule.

writes: I ought to have checked—the phenomenon of very slightly black politicians and journalists is a familiar one, and goes back to Adam Clayton Powell in the 1950s.

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