A Veteran Writes On Leland Yee, The Moros, And The National Question
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Re: Brenda Walker's blog   JihadWatch TV: A Syria-France Jihadist Attack Is Thwarted and Leland Yee's Intended Weapons Trafficking to Terrorists Is Explained

From: An Anonymous Infantry Veteran [Email him]

Brenda Walker writes about Leland Yee's dishonest weapons deal to the Moros: "The Moro Islamic separatists have been waging a war against the Filipino people and their government for 40 years in which tens of thousands of lives have been lost." I don't mean to quibble over numbers here but the Filipino people, and their allies, have been fighting the Moros for much longer.

Below is a quick blurb I pulled off the internet with a picture of a US Army print I first saw in my 1st Battalion 46 Infantry Basic Training Barracks more years ago that I care to admit.

Knocking Out the Moros

US Army Center Of Military History

Knocking Out the Moros The four-day battle of Bagsak Mountain on Jolo Island in the Philippines took place from 11 to 15 June 1913. Americans of the 8th Infantry and the Philippine Scouts, personally lead by Brigadier General John J. Pershing, brought to an end years of bitter struggle against the Moro pirates. These Bolo men, outlaws of great physical endurance and savage fighting ability, were well organized under their Datus or chiefs. They had never been conquered during several centuries of Spanish rule in the Philippines. The U.S. Army .45-caliber pistol was developed to meet the need for a weapon with enough striking power to stop fanatical charges of lawless Moro tribesmen in hand-to-hand fighting.

I'd say Leland Yee is more than a traitor; but he isn't an American so how can he be a traitor? The question is, why have we coddled and empowered Yee and his ilk so that they can overturn the hard won victories of our forefathers?

James Fulford writes: As a matter of law, Leland Yee is an American, a naturalized US citizen. THere's never been any evidence that he thinks of himself as an American first, rather than a member of the Chinese diaspora, any more than Reconquista Congressman Raul Grijalva does.

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