A Reader Displays Both Anti-Immigrant Bias (Against Peter Brimelow) And Anti-American Bias (Against Everyone Else)
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From: Maggie Kooperman [Email her]

Hello, Mr. Brimelow, why do you have to bring so much hate to this country? Why can't you just accept everyone for who they are and not who you want them to be?

This is America, this country isn't even 300 years old. So technically we are all immigrants, and guess what–so are you! You came from England, so how would you feel if people told you you're not American, get out of this country! [VDARE.com note: The late A. M. Rosenthal did exactly this in the pages of the New York Times. He wasn’t the only one, either.]

You may be a citizen of the U.S. but you are still British. So that means you are an immigrant too. Does that mean you hate yourself as well? You have serious issues.

I think you should get those checked out.

James Fulford writes: The idea that non-liberal beliefs are a kind of mental illness is a standard liberal trope. Years ago, Joe Sobran suggested that the reverse was more likely, poining out that political discourse:

"…abounds in words for the hostility of the native for the alien, the majority for the minority, the respectable for the marginal, white for black, Christian for Jew, and so forth. We have prejudice, bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism, nativism, xenophobia, bias, discrimination, and so forth. But these words are themselves prejudicial: They sum up, one-sidedly, a vast range of sentiment and behavior without admitting reciprocal moral realities: the hostility of Jew for Christian, black for white, marginal for respectable, minority for majority, alien for native, abnormal for normal…

"…If we can sum up the worst attitudes of one side in the term "Nativism", then we ought to have some such term, as "Alienism" (with apologies to the psychiatric profession) to sum up those of the other."

(The Natives Are Restless, By Joseph Sobran, National Review, February 22, 1985.)

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