A Reader Wonders If The Village Voice Is Going Insane
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From: Mary M in Rhode Island [Email her]

Re: A Village Voice Editor Protests That He's Not A Journolista

Perhaps Foster Kamer got his panties in a bunch over the fact the Village Voice is being sued by a teenager who'd been forced into prostitution, by a pimp who posted pornographic photos of her in the Village Voice's "anything goes" ad section, [VDARE.com note: On a website of theirs, not in the paper.] and the VV accepted said advertising, when they should have known full well from looking at them that the girl in said photos was a minor.

(Village Voice Media sued by teen for allegedly aiding sex trafficking on listings site Backpage.com, by Aliyah Shahid, New York Daily News, September 21st 2010)

Perhaps the possibility of having its deviance held up to sunlight is driving Kamer and his ilk insane?

James Fulford writes: No, I don't think that's it. People at Alternative Papers have literally no shame about what normal people call either deviance or prostitution. But it's worth remembering, in the light of this 1995 book review, and this more recent attack, that the Village Voice is in fact an "Alternative Paper"—given away free on streets of New York, and making most of its profit from ads for brothels.

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