A Reader Dedicates A Poem To Nancy Pelosi
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Re: Pat Buchanan's column  American 'Stormtroopers'—A Bright Shining Lie  and Pelosi: Rule Of Law Is, Like, Canceled—"People Will Do What They Do."

From: Luther Emeric Martel [Email him] 

I dedicate this poem to the forever lovely Nancy Pelosi.  She must be 10,000 years old but doesn’t look a day over five hundred. 

Nancy to you I dedicate this rhyme
You have the charm of Frankenstein
Among the disasters that came upon us
Pearl Harbor, Nine Eleven, and you in congress

There are some folks who claim
You are a body without a brain
As desirable as tooth decay
Only the germs want you to stay

It’s hard to choose which I prefer
Dinner with you or the electric chair
If you were to live on a foreign shore
I think the Amish would pray for war

You inspire sober men to think
Where the hell can I get a drink
If you go where children play,
They cry, and scream, and run away

Nancy source of boundless grief
Bubonic Plague would be a relief
You make people happy in a special way
They dance and sing when you go away

In the midnight dark and gloom
They say you fly on a broom
There is a fragrance wherever you are
Like the smell of a skunk hit by a car

My ears ache from your endless bitching
Like poison ivy forever itching
People struggle now and times are tough
Nancy, go away; life is hard enough


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