A Nebraska Reader Reports On Multiple Violations Of The H-2A Program By Slave Power Cattle Barons
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From Dale Gribble [Email him]

Just caught the Lincoln (Buffett) Journal Star committing a random act of journalism over the weekend! It reported an enforcement action against a large Nebraska cattle feeder, Adams Land and Cattle, which must pay over $127,000 back wages to workers with an additional monetary penalty of $110, 000. [Broken Bow feeder fined for foreign-labor program violations, August 14, 2013]

The Labor Department press release said that

 Adams Land and Cattle Co. employed Mexican nationals under the H-2A program. The investigation found multiple violations of the H-2A program, including unlawful rejection of U.S. applicant workers, preferential treatment of H-2A workers, failing to reimburse transportation costs and not paying the required wage rate. The company also did not properly record hours worked, took illegal deductions from wages and failed to provide all workers a copy of their work contracts.Additionally, Adams Land and Cattle did not notify the department in writing of employment separation of H-2A workers.

At this time, the company has ceased using H-2A workers at its facilities. As a result of the investigation 29 U.S. workers were paid H-2A back wages of $31,758.17, after it was determined they were paid less than the H-2A workers for corresponding job assignments.

In order to be fair to its cheap labor Slave Power paymasters, the Journal Star quoted a spokesman for the cattle feeder: 

This program is incredibly complex, and we made every effort to comply with applicable requirements, despite our best-faith efforts to comply, the Department of Labor alleged that the demanding standards of the program were not fully satisfied. Although we do not agree with this assessment, we reached an agreement with the Department of Labor several months ago and ceased our participation in this program over a year ago.

Just last winter, the Buffett Journal Star published a story by its Treason Lobby workhorse agricultural reporter Art Hovey, who interviewed cattlemen frustrated with current immigration laws that made it too difficult for them to hire Mexican labor.  So that these cattlemen could feel like Nelson Mandela for a day, one of them voiced disgust at the Bush Administration's workplace raids in 2007 in Grand Island. [VDARE.com note: After the raids, the meatpackers replaced illegal Mexicans with Somali refugees.]

No wonder this cattle company is quitting the H2A program With Amnesty coming,  they won’t have to use guest workers, they’ll  just hire formerly illegal Mexican workers to displace Americans legally.

 Dale Gribble has previously written to VDARE.com on political correctness in schools and on Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

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