A Pro-Life Reader Reports An Immigrant Grad Student (As In "Staple A Green Card") Charged With Punching A 78-Year Old Woman
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From: Ben Johnson (Email him)

You may appreciate this story, about one of those hard-working immigrants who can't possibly be allowed to go home.

Grad student from Hong Kong charged with punching 78-year-old female pro-life protester

by Ben Johnson


IOWA CITY, IA, August 22, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Police have charged a foreign graduate student with punching a 78-year-old woman holding a pro-life sign in Iowa City.

The incident took place just after 9 a.m. yesterday at the corner of Riverside Drive and Highway 1.

Man Chun John Mas mugshot


Man Chun John Ma's mugshot

Police say the man, 30-year-old Man Chun John Ma, struck the elderly woman in the back. Her husband confronted the man, while she nursed arm and shoulder pain, according to a local report.

Officers say Ma admitted the attack and said he had acted wrongly, but he thought opposing abortion was “strange.”

Authorities charged Ma with assault causing bodily injury. He was reportedly released from Johnson County Jail that evening.

The man, who hails from Hong Kong, is a graduate student in the University of Iowa's Carver College of Medicine's pharmacology program and enrolled in its interdisciplinary graduate program in genetics. [More]

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