A Concerned Reader Compares The Christopher Lane Murder To The Pearcy Massacre
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Re: Pat Buchanan’s The Christopher Lane Murder: Dead Souls of a Cultural Revolution

A Concerned Reader [Email him]

I think it is time to remind readers of the Pearcy Massacre cover up.

It is not that far from Duncan, Oklahoma, where Christopher Lane was murdered.

See previous letters from the same reader.

James Fulford writes: I’m surprised at how much ink the Christopher Lane murder is getting, and how frank the commentary is, when you consider that this kind of thing happens almost every day. The incident the reader refers to is discussed here: Never Heard Of The Pearcy Massacre? One Guess Why Not! By Nicholas Stix on February 9, 2010

But see also

The degree to which these things are suppressed that I wrote recently that Glenn Beck Had Never Heard Of The Knoxville Horror.

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