A Reader Comments On The Birth Of New More-Than-Multicultural Nation
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Paul Kersey's “THE BIRTH OF A NATION” at 100—Racial Chaos Unleashed in St. Louis

From: An Anonymous Citizen Of The Old Nation [Email him]

A comment on Paul Kersey's  Feb. 8 VDARE essay—Kersey wrote:

"We’re witnessing the birth of a new nation 100 years after Griffth’s film. We can see its birth throes in the riots and fights taking place beneath the “allegorical images of Western democracy” in St. Louis.  And rather than E Pluribus Unum, this new country has its own immortal motto—“You white supremacist mother****er. Get the f**k out of here.”
It appears to me and my friends that this nation is on a trajectory along those lines.  First, "pluralism" was enforced as a goal, then a principle, and then as a pillar of the Constitution.  That took at least 50 years to beat down the resistance of opponents of such a profound reinterpretation of our society.  I well remember the harshness of the vicious smears leveled against persons in the late Forties and early Fifties who declined to support the notion of "pluralism."

Then in the late Fifties, the same forces (or their children) adopted the "multiculturalism" line, with the promise that all cultures, all races, and all demographics would have a seat at the American society table.  I doubt it was a sincere idea even then.

Then in the late Eighties and in particular throughout the Nineties, the "multiracial" line appeared with bloodlines and inherited genetics (I kid you not,  even though those two terms were rarely used) appearing as a concept from the Hard Left and demographic affinity groups acquiring higher and higher degrees of acceptance and legitimacy—with the exception of the white Americans who were shunted away from any table into a special category of the particularly evil and automatically harmful.

The Nineties were not about "multiculturalism" at all except in propaganda by the Hard Left to paper over the new development, and as a residual curse by conservatives against "multiculturalism."  In fact, to this day, most critics of the direction American society is going are unaware that "multiculturalism" died in the early Eighties.

Now we come to what Kersey awas talking about in his VDARE.com  essay, the creation of a new nation, except it is really the beginnings of the creation of "multinationalism"—the creation of new nations (layered and leveraged) based on a variety of demographics' possession of more and more elements of state power...blocking of voting places by the New Black Panthers, demanding new tribal arrangementsmovements for the reinstatement of old royals in Hawaii, gross interference by other nations in our internal affairs, etc.

You might think this would be the pipe dream of the hard-liner secessionists because the literal break-up of a unified territorial nation (the USA) is the logical and almost unresisted conclusion to draw from the events beginning in the early 1900's with the imposition of pluralism.

People often refer to the arc of history leading to greater tolerance and fellowship, but the arc of history in North America is leading straight to the "Birth of a New Nation" Kersey describes in his essay in VDARE.com on February 8.

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