A Suburban Illinois Reader Writes On The Little League Scandal
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From: A Suburban Illinois Reader [Email him]

News is coming out that the Jackie Robinson West little league team of Chicago that won the national championship…cheated. It seems the manager of the team (Darold Butler and Michael Kelly administrator of Illinois District 4) recruited kids from outside the boundaries set in the rules to try and build a super team.

All the politicians in Chicago are rallying around this team as if they didn’t do a thing wrong.

And in the comments section of the Chicago Tribune, there are cries of racism because the team has all black kids.[ Player for Jackie Robinson West: 'We do know that we're champions' By Lexy Gross, Michelle Manchir, Lolly Bowean and Liam Ford, Chicago Tribune, February 11, 2015]

I feel really sorry for these kids. Now because of the actions of a couple of really stupid adults, all this team will be remembered for is cheating and had their national championship title taken away.

This just goes to show you how corrupt Chicago is.

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James Fulford writes: Check out my piece today The Black Little League Team, The Invisible Victims, And Obama, and also the Chicago Tribune piece about the white coach who  detected the cheating—he's already getting death threats:

As the team rose in acclaim, Janes said he heard about south suburbs claiming to be some of the boys' hometowns. He began to research their backgrounds, using public records like voter registration and address listings, and found that four or five of the players lived outside the team's boundaries.

"The more success they got, the more publicity, the more people out there from (the) south suburbs were laying claims to these kids," Janes said. "There are very specific rules out there, and the expectation is that we are all following and playing by the same rules."[Coach who challenged JRW boundaries: 'It's tough, but the kids will be OK', By Lolly Bowean, Chicago Tribune, Feb. 11, 2015]

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