A Reader Can't Get VDARE.COM (Or FAIR!) At The Local Hospital
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10/09/10 - An Illinois Reader Adds A Question Mark To The "A?CLU"

From: Ryan Kennedy (email him)

RE: The Fulford File, By James Fulford Vdare.com Censored by Corporate Software

I was visiting the hospital to get a flu shot and in the patient waiting area they had computers with internet access.  I hopped on to peruse VDARE.COM.

No can do.  Web filter said something to the effect of "this site has been blocked due to extremist or tasteless content".  The web filter was Barracuda [email them].

I decided to see what other websites were blocked.  FAIR's website (!!) gave the same results.  Apparently the $PLC's smear campaign is working.  I checked Aztlan and Mecha's site, no problema.  Facebook was blocked, but they didn't say it was offensive. Maybe they blocked it because it's such a huge time-waster and so tempting to employees.

Peter Brimelow writes: we will refer this to our lawyers, who usually get results. We urge readers to report all such atrocities.

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